I just had to write my thoughts today on something I’ve been unhappily noticing more lately.  I think we are all getting a bit TOO DISCOURAGED, and letting it show.  I HOPE I haven’t…I work hard to keep the ‘beat up’ and moving.  NOT that it’s easy mind you!  Times ARE hard.  Work assignments ARE slow and few.  Trade book sales ARE down.  etc etc etc.   BUT we must NOT give up or let it stop our artists from producing some of the BEST ART OUT THERE!

I am preparing a mailing presently, one of a couple I do each year…THE MARCH MAILING.  I used to require that each artist in ‘the CAT ARTISTS’ agency have a sheet or piece in this mailing.  I haven’t required it the past few years…it’s optional.  But this year it was like pulling teeth!  and I AM surprised and disappointed enough to write artists everywhere! You need to continue to take advantage of EVERY opportunity to SHOW YOUR WORK!  You can NOT get hired if they do not SEE your work!  That will never change.  You have to get OUT there and show off.  If you are offered an opportunity to do this, grab it.  It is not enough to JUST have a website (a must) or a blog, or send out postcards, or count on an agent to do everything!  Not any more….

Granted, I send out single artist ‘sell sheets’ 8 1/2  x 11 for this… so there is expense to the artist to get the required number of sheets printed (cheap ways to do that!) and get them to me. I compile the package and pay for the envelopes, labels and stamps.  And I follow up with calls and emails to see how clients have enjoyed the mailing.  Not bad.  We also include the reprints from PictureBook and Directory of Ill. spreads and/or pages which include multiple artists.  It’s a nice informative mailing.  Some times I divide it into two mailings…more work for me, but helpful to not overwhelm the publishing clients with too much at once.  Not a problem this year probably. 

SO my message really is simple: to continue to think and move HARD…DO NOT COAST! get an oar in the water and PULL!…. get the tire on the road and PUSH! Don’t let those creative juices slow to an ebb tide.  Reflective ‘breathers’ are good … but don’t stop! Find YOUR Way Tugeau. 🙂

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5 Responses to DON’T COAST!

  1. Excellent advise, and a reminder to us all … to not give up!

  2. Steph says:

    Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  3. Alissa says:

    I definitely needed this pick-me-up! Thank you!

  4. Chris says:

    Good call Christine. A friend of mine once said in response to my whining “why? -“WHY NOT?” Getting outside of one’s own issues was the cold water slap in the face. Shortly after that I got sent to the Persian Gulf by the USCG (as you know). That was a gift I’ll always appreciate.

  5. Louise Grant says:

    Hoorah! Good reminder Cat.

    I was really inspired going to the Curious George exhibition at the SF Contemporary Jewish Museums. The Rey’s kept on drawing and creating even though they were in the middle of a war and escaping the country on bike. Times at least are not that bad!

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