those Resolutions!!!!

it’s a new year, and we just can’t help ourselves!!!  we, full of hope, make promises to ourselves and others about how THIS year will be.  I personally think this is a beautiful thing, to be honest!  The HOPE itself is golden, and the ACTS of ‘mulling’  it all through and writing them down and crossing them out (or even ignoring them) is all part of the creative process!  Without this we wouldn’t create and move forward…. it takes great faith and hope.  And remember, sometimes it takes failure, or a near miss, to finally see the way…. THE WAY TUGEAU!!!  HAPPY NEW 2011 to all!

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2 Responses to those Resolutions!!!!

  1. Michele Noiset says:

    Love this drawing! I think ‘Run faster’ has been
    on my list of resolutions for a long time too!

  2. Kary Lee says:

    Hi Chris! It was exciting to read your comments because for me, this IS the year. I’m finally at a place in the rest of my life where I can put my illustration work first (or ‘sort of” first). BTW… I love your blog and the name….. sooooo Purrrrrfect!

    I hope you are well. I’ll be in touch soon.

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