NEW BOOK LAUNCH!! Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

It’s an exciting book launching today from Little Pickle Press (CA)  byJoAnn Deak, PHD and illustrated by our own SARAH ACKERLEY! (also CA)  It’s a fun, visual learning tool, and it’s printed on TERRASKIN…made from STONE! (treeless!)  ALL most interesting and VERY well done.  Do find it and take a look!  Congratulations all!


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5 Responses to NEW BOOK LAUNCH!! Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

  1. Interesting about the Terraskin! Sounds like a book Jamie would like. 🙂

    • catugeau says:

      he WOULD! it’s quite clear but has tons of good information about the brain, how it works, how it grows and stretches, in a most reassuring way! and fun! c

  2. patrice says:

    Congratulations, Sarah! Terraskin – how cool is that? What a fun book!

  3. This really is a cool book, and I had fun illustrating it. There’s a lot of information for older kids, but it’s broken down in such a way that younger children are able to enjoy it and learn from it too.

    The message of the book: your brain is constantly stretching and growing, and YOU can make it stretch and grow more!

  4. Dani says:

    We have a grand prize drawing including this book at – go over and enter and thanks for the mention!

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