Christmas Books of interest….still!

I DO hope the new year has started out wonderfully for all!  love the promise in the newness!  But it made me think about how ‘things of yesteryear’ …like last month…still have value and fun.  Like Christmas/holiday books!!!  never time to read them much during the hectic actual holiday.  So how about now!  below you’ll see the covers for two books that came out from CAT artists for this current season.  The Christmas Tree book illustrated by Joanne Friar from Charlesbridge is a wonderful resource of information about our Christmas Tree.  ANYTIME.  And Zondervan’s Seventeen Christmases, illustrated by Michele Noiset, might be a welcome reminder of our ACTUAL Christmas adventures for many!  and memories are what it’s all about.

So find them in your stores and enjoy!! happy New Year Reading!


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One Response to Christmas Books of interest….still!

  1. Beautiful books!
    Happy New Year to you!

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