The New Waves and Ways To Go…..

Life, and our industry, is changing daily and faster than ever! I was just reading about the launch party for the B&N “Nook Color” this week. It’s not a true tablet apparently but a color eReader and the first with the LG Vivid View Screen among other things.

Now I’m not particularly technologically savvy (I hear laugher!) and at times I wonder WHAT IS GOING ON! but I also find this all very interesting and exciting. NOT challenging in a negative way at all.

One of the plans I have for this BLOG is to interview publishers, editors, art directors, and artists about things that matter today to artists as we find our way! During a recent visit to NYC I met with Emma Dryden newly with RUCKUS and talked with her about their innovations. I hope to be ‘interviewing’ with Rick Richter, the head of this media company, in the next few weeks and sharing some helpful ‘how to’ information about how artists can prepare for these new avenues for art creation. Watch for this!

Several other bigger publishers have confidentially contacted me (and all other agents, writers and artists) about the rights and use of select past books for their ‘soon to be released’ versions of eReaders. This is all ‘hush hush’ but on our doorstep…and I’m sure they will be just beautiful…they’d have to be to show off the wonderful art in picture books. How exciting is that! I have to assume they will also include audio versions, interactive games, and interacting with the text in various ways to enrich the experience of THE STORY.

Because, as Emma Dryden reconfirmed during our meeting (over wonderful Popovers on the Westside)…. It is STILL all about THE STORY! and THAT we know about…..

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